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Intervention on health is another important component takenup. We are conducting general health camp, special healthcamps and also addressing the issue safe drinking water.Contaminated water is major source of casual sicknesses;hence along with curing measures we do focus on preventivemeasures.

Health Camps
During our generic health camps conducted in different villages, we found people suffering from various illnesses. Eye infections, throat infections, tooth decay, cavities, back pain, neck pain etc are prevalent among the people.

Safe Drinking Water
In the villages people drink open well water which causes minor sickness. Hence under CSR we haveinitiated steps to address the issue of safe drinking water.We have contributed to build the safety wall to 2 openwells and established water tank in 2 villages.

Financial Aid to critical cases
As per our CSR policy we provide special financial aid tocritical cases such as patient suffering from cancer, heart, liver, kidney related deceases. Wehave facilitated 10 such cases of aid to individuals who were economically weak. We have additionally provided aid to children suffering from malnutrition.