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Crude Naphthalene produced during coal tar distillation is further processed to get Refined Naphthalene of minimum 98 % purity. It is a white or light yellow, flaky or powdery crystal. It is easily volatile and has a special aromatic smell. Refined Naphthalene is highly sublime and does not dissolve in water but can dissolve in benzene, alcohol, ethers, chloroform, carbon disulphide etc.

Naphthalene is used in manufacturing of SNF, beta napthol, phthalicanhydride, tanning agents, moth balls, and domestic disinfectants. It is used in Dyes, Chemicals and Pharmaceutical industries.

Epsilon gets an edge over other suppliers as both Crude Naphthalene and the subsequent refined naphthalene are manufactured in one plant. This enables higher quality control and reduced costs of production.

It is available in solid flake form and packed in 50kg and 500kg bags.