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Toilet construction
AVH has decided to address the issue of sanitation by educating the villagers in our DIZ howopen defecation is dangerous to them as well as the wholesociety. In spite of government’s serious efforts to have toiletsconstructed in each house, many families do not own individual toilets yet. AVH, in keeping with our CSR initiative, has contributed up to 50% of the totalcost incurred by an individual. As on date we have facilitatedto construct106 toilets in various villages.

Facilitation of Agricultural Weeding tools
In our country more than 80% of crop weeding operations areperformed by women. As part of women drudgery reduction,an agricultural weeding tool is modified according to local comfort andfacilitated to agriculture families. The tool is unique as it has higher efficiency and thereby reduction of load on wrist while weeding, hencewomen have given a high preference to this tool locally calledKurna (Khurpa). We have facilitated 1500 tools in a span of one year time.