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Aluminium, the metal of the future, used extensively in various industries like aerospace, automobile, white goods, packaging, uses Coal Tar Pitch. It is indispensable for the aluminium industry, as it is a binder for the production of carbon anodes, used in the electrolysis process of extracting aluminium from alumina.
Products Used: Binder Pitch

Graphite industry uses Coal Tar Pitch in the production of graphite electrodes (used in electric arc furnaces for steel production) as a binder and impregnating agent, thereby increasing electrode density and strength.
Products Used: Binder Pitch, Zero Q.I. Impregnation Pitch

Small Scale Industry
Small scale industries widely use furnace oil as a fuel. Creosote Oil is a cost efficient alternative to furnace oil whose prices are volatile and depend upon situationsin the international market. Use of Creosote Oil ensures stable fuel costs, leading to a more regulated product pricing.
Products Used: Creosote Oil

Tyre Industry
Carbon black is one of the main raw materials in the tyre industry and increases the tyre grip on the road. Its qualities of low resistance and minimum abrasion loss ensure the highest safety standards.
Products Used: Carbon Black Oil, Creosote Oil, Pitch Creosote Mixture (PCM)

Refined Naphthalene, an important component in the manufacture of dyes, chemicals and pharmaceuticals has huge demand in the pharmaceutical industry. With the aid of latest technology and up-o-date processes, Epsilon prides itself on the supply of superior and enhanced quality of Refined Naphthalene.
Products Used: Refined Naphthalene