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Strong Industry Presence
Epsilon Carbon has established itself as a leading industry player with India’s first continuous Coal Tar Distillation Unit. This is further strengthened by our multi-product integrated plant where we carry out ‘vacuum distillation’ leading to superior quality products.

Pilot plant facility provides effective cooperation and joint collaboration with customers to develop products with better performance parameters as per customers’ requirements.

Consistent Quality
As one of the few players globally with an ability to make Zero QI /Impregnation Pitch, we exhibit consistent product quality.

Transparent Pricing
Our products are backed by transparent pricing which is linked to global price index facilitating our ability to sign long term contracts.

Full Backward Integration
Epsilon Carbon brings about Complete Backward Integration by 100% procurement of raw material through long term agreements leading to consistency in raw material.

Superior Systems and Processes
World class Manufacturing systems and processes, ISO and GMP implementation in the pipeline and transparent policies add further value to our business