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Self Help Group
Women empowerment yet remains one of the major concernsand occupies an important space in any developmentalinterventions by Epsilon. As a part of addressing gender equalitywe have resolved to create a sound platform for women tocome together and address the issued pertaining to them.Formation of SHG is the first step in this intervention.We are also attempting to provide them a platform in the form of savings and credit groups.Though our goal is distant but every step, however small, will bring us closer to our destination.

Sewing Class
During our interaction with villagers, it was observed that women, particularly youngwomen, wish to learn new skills to earn additional income.The need for a tailoringclass emerged as one of the options. By contribution fromboth the community and Epsilon, we impart training for tailoring to needy women. We started three sewing classes and as of date 42 women have been trained. Some of them are running their own small-scale enterprise in their respective villages. It has emerged as a good home based activity for the village housewife.