Coal Tar Derivatives

Epsilon delivers a broad range of products & provides performance solutions to customers serving key industries such as Aluminium, Graphite, Steel & Chemical. We distill the Coal tar which is obtained as by- product while processing coking coal to form metallurgical coke in a recovery-type coke oven plant where coal tar accounts for around 3.5-4% of coke produced. A variety of valuable chemical products are recovered by distillation of Coal tar. The key derivative product of distillation is Coal Tar Pitch, which is further processed into desired chemical and physical properties and manufactured as Aluminium Grade Pitch, Graphite Grade Pitch & Impregnation Pitch. Other coal tar derivatives are Carbon Black Oil used for tyre and non-tyre applications, Light Oil for use in the fuel and solvent industries, Creosote Oil for use in dyes, wood preservative, oil paint. Wash Oil for use in steel industry & Industrial and Refined Naphthalene used in the dyes and other chemical industries.

Carbon Black

Carbon Black is used as a filler in the rubber industry, mainly in tyres and technical rubber products such as conveyor belts, flexible tubes, and sealing profiles. Tyre industry is the leading consumer of carbon black, globally, as the industry uses it as a reinforcing filler to improve the longevity of tyres. Hence, carbon black gets ~93% of its total volume demand from the rubber related industries. Moreover, carbon black is used as the black pigment in printing inks, paints, and varnishes for dyeing and for UV protection of plastics as well as in specialty products such as decor paper and fibres. As conductive carbon black, it is used in the electrical industry to manufacture electrodes and carbon brushes.

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