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At Epsilon, we foster an environment that encourages leadership in every employee as we challenge each other to be the best. We look for people with creativity who stand out and don’t shy away from tackling the difficult problems. We seek talented, results-oriented team players who:

  • Operate safely and responsibly with a focus on integrity.
  • Work with others to develop innovative solutions.
  • Create positive and long-term change.
  • Take prudent business risks.
  • Are ready to share ideas.
  • Treat others with respect.
  • Communicate effectively.

In return, we nurture a work culture where you can:

  • Grow personally and professionally.
  • Work with others to develop innovative solutions.
  • Be rewarded well for your performance.
  • Get medical, retirement, and other benefits.
  • Have personal development opportunities to cultivate your skills and capabilities.

Learning & Development

Career growth for employees has been a key focus at Epsilon. Learning & Development is a strategic business function contributing significantly to organizational, group and individual effectiveness & growth by nurturing a strong learning culture.

A culture of continuous learning and development exists through planned core developmental programs, conducted by reputed institutions for employees to develop superior management skills and capabilities. A host of strategic and behavioral programs are also conducted to address specific training and developmental needs of employees.

Work-Life Balance

‘Quality living’ is what Epsilon believes to provide to its employees. Epsilon focuses on building Townships close to manufacturing facility to ensure our employees gets a good Quality of Life. We provide the best work-life balance opportunities so as to provide healthy and peaceful family life.

Quality of life at Epsilon is assured through a range of benefits to meet individual and family needs, a supportive work environment, corporate social responsibility initiatives, and more.

  1. We encourage our employees to participate in various conference, sports and adventurous programs.
  2. We conducted one day workshop which was designed to help each one of us to become experts in ‘Presenting Ourself Positively’ and to create ‘High Impact Presentations’.
  3. We have formed Ladies club to encourage employees housewives to spend some quality time each and participate in various vocal programs and develop their hobbies in spare time. Various programs related to health and art of parenting were arranged for them.
  4. Be it Diwali or Independence Day, celebrations are never ending at our place, our Ladies club members ensures celebration of each festivals.
  5. We have also conducted in-house training program related to “Behavioral skills training programs” which throw lights on team building, personality development & positive thinking.
  6. We facilitate various programs for our people from providing transport facility scheme to entertainment and picnic.

Health & Wellness

Epsilon has tie-ups with major hospitals at each locations, which offer the best-in-class support to ensure our employees are active, healthy and live life to the fullest.

Annual Executive Health Check-ups are done for all employees along with counselling on lifestyle diseases.

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At Epsilon, we seek individuals who are at ease with our beliefs and appreciate the value of Collaboration, innovation and Integrity. Our opportunities for growth and achievement are strengthened by innovation and creativity of our people.

Epsilon hires highly perceptive and talented people who share a desire to grow and stand out as individuals, while providing valued contributions in an energetic team-oriented environment.

Explore opportunities to take your career to the next level and achieve your true potential.

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