Coal Tar Derivatives

Binder Pitch

"Binder Pitch is a major component of coal tar derived from the distillation of coal tar which consists of a complex mixture of predominantly aromatic hydrocarbons with appropriate degree of formability. It is black viscous compound at room temperature. Binder pitch is the highest boiling point component of coal tar.

Binder Pitch is primarily used for manufacturing of pre-baked & soderberg anodes in the Aluminum Industry which is applicable in process of electrolysis for extraction of aluminium from alumina.

Coal Tar Pitch constitutes around 40% of graphite electrode by volume with high coking value, making it useful for Graphite Industry.

These electrodes find application in furnaces/ smelters which are in turn used in the production of aluminium & steel

Impregnated Pitch

"It is a special type of pitch which is black solid material at room temperature derived from the processing of coal tar with low softening point and low QI content compared to binder grade pitch. 

Impregnating Pitch is used to ‘impregnate’ graphite electrodes which decreases its porosity with increase in electrical conductivity & durability. 

Processing is done using the latest technology and under strict quality control processes resulting following properties: Low volatile content, High fixed carbon, Low Ash Content, No Mesophase, Good Wettability, Good thermal stability during storage.

Carbon Black Oil

"Carbon Black oil is produced by blending of soft pitch & anthracene oil in desired proportion. 

Epsilon produces carbon black oil whose heavier part is the initial integrant for our customers in manufacturing of carbon black, susequently used in rubber & tyre industry.

Carbon Black Oil is preferred as feedstock due to higher B.M.C.I. than the imported ones by carbon black industries.

Anthracene Oil/ Creosote Oil

"Anthracene Oil/Creosote Oil is a combination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons obtained between the temperature range of 300° - 400°C, combustible brown liquid produced during the coal tar distillation, does not dissolve in water, but can be dissolved in benzene, alcohol, ethers, carbon tetrachloride, carbon disulphide etc. 

ATO is used in production of CBO, Anthracene, Phentherene & Carbozol. Creosote Oil can be used for making of dye stuff intermediates, phenol based resins, bakelite, phenol formaldehyde, disinfectants, manufacturing of phenyl, distilling toluene or fuel oil such as gasoline, impregnant oil, complex tan liquor, oil paint, wood aseptic, etc.

Wash Oil

"Wash Oil is a combustible brown liquid produced during coal tar distillation beteen temperature range of 230°- 280°C, includes main components as methyl naphthalene, biphenyl, cresol, xylenol, phenol, pyridine base & quinoline. 

Wash Oil is used as scrubbing fluid for extraction of Benzene, Toluene & Xylene from Coke Oven Gas in Steel Industry. It possesses good cleansing properties and thus it is used to clean contaminated surfaces of chemical processing industries. Also applicable in plywood industry as wood presevatives. In addition, it is also used for production of anti-corrosion oil, dispersants & water reducing agents. 

Owing to their low sulfur content attribute, extremely low physical variablity, stable chemical properties and excellent surface binding characteristics, the provided wash oil of coal tar is largely demanded in the market.


"Crude Naphthalene produced during coal tar distillation is further processed to get Refined Naphthalene of minimum 98 % purity. It is a white or light yellow, flaky or powdery crystal. It is easily volatile and has a special aromatic smell. Refined Naphthalene is highly sublime and does not dissolve in water but can dissolve in benzene, alcohol, ethers, chloroform, carbon disulphide etc.

It is used in fine chemicals and pharmaceutical processes to produce Beta Naphthol, Phthalic Anhydride, Sulphonated Naphthalene, Tanning agents, Moth balls and disinfectants for household use. It is also used for organic synthesis including dye production and flame retardants.

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