Code of Business Ethics

We believe in fair trade practices, human rights and doing business which has neutral impact on the environment.

The code of business of ethics provides a baseline standards to all our employees, suppliers, contractors and buyers and they know what is expected from them.

In addition to the provision of employment opportunities and training and development activities, Epsilon Carbon facilitates sponsorship and contribute to the society by participating various charitable activities.

We are committed to reduce carbon emissions to minimize the negative impact on environment. This includes improving our energy efficiency, reduce water waste and decreasing water consumption. We encourage environmentally sustainable practices among our employees, buyers and suppliers.

Epsilon comply with all laws and regulations that govern dealings with state, country and local authority. Violation of any applicable law, rule or regulation may have serious consequence therefore we ensure to conduct business in accordance to prevailing government policies and cooperate with government agencies to oversee our operations.

We believe in maintaining transparency with our suppliers. Our relationship is built on a foundation of integrity, independence, transparency, trust and competence.

We expect our suppliers to act lawfully and ethically in accordance to our business ethics. Our responsibility is to act with integrity in all our business transactions being small or large. We believe in maintaining confidentiality related to our customers, markets or competitors at all stages.

We are committed to provide equal opportunity to our employees without regard to race, color, gender, religion and status. We share a responsibility to treat everyone equally with dignity and respect. We want to provide safe working environment to our employees hence we make sure all work is performed in accordance to safety regulations

Epsilon Carbon expects its employees to foster an environment which reflects the company’s values of innovation, passion, quality, integrity, and collaboration while performing their duties.

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