At Epsilon we realize that we have a responsibility towards building the community. We play a vital role in shaping the future of our community & we believe sustainable Growth of company & community go hand in hand.

We support the activities which facilitate the development & growth of the community around our locations where we operate. We are truly passionate about empowering our community by spreading education, providing basic necessities & sponsoring various cultural & sports events. We believe our contribution can make valuable impacts on society.


Epsilon recognizes the importance of education as a powerful tool to drive positive change in society and a means to reduce poverty and social inequality. Knowledge and skills are key to building careers, confidence and quality of life.

Our interventions include:

  • Adoption and Infrastructure Development of School and toilets.  
  • Ongoing facilitation and resource support to teachers to help them improve the quality of education.
  • Regular interaction with Cluster, Block and District level education authorities. Need-based school improvement activities like repair, maintenance and upgradation of infrastructure.
  • Setting up libraries and science laboratories.

Community Development


Considering India as a water-scarce region and the water availability is expected to go down further, we identified water as a key area of intervention. Our focus in this area has been by creating capacities in conserving water through significant investments like the construction of water storage tanks. We also work towards providing safe drinking water through the supply of water tankers to nearby villages.

Women Empowerment

Empowerment of women is one of the crucial concerns of the millennium development goals. Women in Indian society still look towards society to grant them power or empower them in various ways. Women empowerment talks much about empowering women in various ways (financial, social, cultural, legal& political). Epsilon Work towards building self-sustainable for economically weak rural women by providing skill development training like tailoring and also support institution who facilitate such programs.

Local Employment

Epsilon Carbon has been able to generate direct & indirect employment opportunities in the locations we are functioning. Our operations provide direct employment opportunities for more than 80% of our workforce to people from the region. First preference is given to local people in all recruitments. We also give preference to local suppliers thereby providing business opportunities & improving their service levels with constant engagement.

Epsilon strives for the development of local people, is also promoting employability training by a tie-up with local institutes to build local skills and expertise in our field of business.

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