Occupational Health And Safety

At Epsilon Carbon, people are our strength and their safety is our prime concern. We not only follow global safety standards, but we also identify, assess, and address various risks, vulnerabilities, define training requirements and enhance the response capabilities of the team. At the same time, there is also a systematic and periodic review of site security, process safety programs, and risk management plans.

On regular interval we conduct safety programs for our employees, so they are prepared for any unexpected incident.
We work towards reducing accident and injury numbers in our all units and become accident free plants.

Epsilon Carbon is committed to eliminating all employee injuries by making the workplace free from all known occupational hazards. It is our constant endeavor at Epsilon to develop safe work practices by regularly training all employees and support staffs namely- suppliers, consumers, service providers, and neighbors.

ECPL is devoted to the continuous improvement of Environmental, Health, Safety, and Security (EHSS) performance as well as compliance with any applicable legal and industry requirements. We have got an in factory Operational Health Center (OHC) with a full time doctor and nurse.

Keeping all these in mind, National Safety Day/ Week is widely observed at all our plants.

Retention, Development & Diversity

We believe each employee is a valuable and intangible asset and they make the company. They play a crucial role in the company’s growth hence it’s equally important that we pay special attention to how we can groom & develop quality in each employee.

We invest our time in preparing strategy which motivates our employees to associates with us for a longer period, ensure they are satisfied with their roles and responsibilities and they are learning every day.

We work towards improving employees’ efficiency and performance by adopting various changes in our working policy.

We focus our energies on the following thrust areas:

  • Delivering results and an increase in overall organizational performance
  • Constantly scan the rapidly changing environment and equip our employees at all times with the required, knowledge, skills, and qualities
  • Leadership development
  • Develop corporate citizens
  • Focus on action-oriented training
  • Synergize and optimize efforts - avoiding overlap and duplication
    Seeking feedback and openly share their future aspiration and mobility.

We have more than 300 employees from different parts of India. Each possess with different skills and knowledge. We appreciate and make use of a diversity of mindsets, experiences, thereby ensuring our long-term business success. Diversity allows us for better decision making, innovating thinking and inspire to severe better to our customers.

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